June 28, 2011


I found a new fruit.

We're at the beach and when I went looking for limes at the grocery store, I found this fuzzy thing. It was only 50¢, so I decided to be adventurous.

When I brought it back to the house, the Bup cut it open for me. The sign in the store said to be careful when cutting it so that you don't hit the seed. I didn't know how big the seed was, so he thinly scored the skin. Inside, there was a clear jello-ish egg.

We kept cutting and found the small seed inside. When I researched it, I found that the seed is slightly poisonous unless it's cooked. I guess that's why the sign said not to cut it!

We ate it right away, half each. It had the consistency of a mango or jello. I couldn't quite decide. It didn't have a strong flavor like strawberries do, but it was sweet and tasted like something you should be eating at the beach.

Guess that's why they sell it here!

Coming up, a breed of okra I've never tried before, purchased at the local farmer's market.


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