June 6, 2011

Our Garden, Part 5

Are you tired of hearing about my garden yet? Maybe craving some flowers instead of all those veggies? We do have a few bursts of flowers amidst all the veggies.

Mostly these are courtesy of my mom. She did an annual planting through the Master Gardners and came home with over 100 small flowers. Luckily for me, she shared. Un-luckily for her, I only took about 10. I just don't have room between all the veggies. My grandparents took some, too, so she wasn't stuck planting all 90 that were left.

The clematis is climbing and blooming on the corner of our side porch, compliments of the previous homeowner.

Our house through the seasons. We have mulch! And the rose bushes are full of blooms!

We're also growing fruit. Look at the baby peaches! They're about 1 inch across each and they're causing the 2 year old trees to lean from the weight. We're going to have to prop them up.

There are 2 grape vines there, but they're tangled up in each other. We keep winding them around the bar so that they'll climb upward but they're unruly.

From the top: a mini-patch of black raspberry bushes, a watermelon vine and 3 blueberry bushes, interspersed with various squash plants. We didn't plant the watermelon and I'm not sure how it even got there since I haven't bought a watermelon since we started composting. Maybe the neighbors were having a seed spitting contest!

We need to put some sulphur on the blueberry bushes because the leaves are yellowing. I googled it and that means that they aren't taking in enough iron, usually a result of soil with a high pH.

My newest garden bed, built just for tomatoes. Ahhhh...  The soil needs a little help, but we're waiting till the other bed is done before we get a truck load of compost.

And we're back to veggies. But this lettuce patch is so pretty and colorful. I can't even begin to tally up the number of hours I've spent this year picking and cleaning lettuce. I've listened to 3 Homefries.com 40 minute podcasts in the past week while standing at the sink washing greens. Craziness. 

The full view of the green growth!

Let me know if you're still interested in the garden saga. I'd love to hear your thoughts.


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