June 14, 2011

Embracing My Foodie Self

It's true. I'm finally going to admit it in writing.

I'm a foodie. And I'm happy about it.

It was officially decided by myself and JillSpillsItAll on the Crossover Post. I'm going to embrace my foodie self!

Dinner is always on my mind. For that matter, so is breakfast.

And lunch.

And dessert.

I just can't help it. I love to cook, bake and eat.

My mom is the same way, so we love to spend the afternoon together. Give us an occasion to bake and we're there. We'll combine it with making dinner for the men in our lives.

We made a tea and biscotti basket as a prize for my cousin's bridal shower. While the biscotti was baking, we made dinner: a variation on these bean and bello burgers, grilled asparagus & pineapple slices, portobella mushroom & onion kabobs, and a big salad with strawberries.

For dessert, we had biscotti!

This is Pistachio Cranberry Biscotti after the first bake.

The other flavors were Tuscan Almond & Double Chocolate.

It's so fun to bake with my mom. And it's so fun to be a foodie!

Delving into the healthy eating world has really opened my eyes to so many new types of food. It's really what made me become a foodie. I can't wait to learn more!

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  1. Maybe you have a future career in foodie-ism! Or culinary arts : P



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