July 1, 2011

Beaching It

Tomorrow is our last day on the beach. :-( The week has been off-and-on cloudy, as you can see in the picture. We even got rained off the beach on Wednesday. It stormed all day!

Before the rain hit, we got in a great bike ride up to Avon, about 6 miles away. Mom's bike got a flat tire about halfway there, so there were some delays, but we ended up going about 16 miles. The last 6 were straight into the wind. My quads were burning!

This morning, we went 27 miles to the ferry and back. I always have a snack before we head out because I get hungry right away in the mornings. Of course, the morning  of our longest ride I just had a small snack because I was planning on making oatmeal when we got back. After 2 hours of biking, I was starving!

I spent most of the sunny time under our new beach umbrella. My parents gave it to the Bup for his birthday last year. I think they took the hint when we kept squeezing in under theirs. 

My feet always feel better after a week at the beach. After 3 years of working a job where I stood all day, I always look forward to sand. With my new job, hopefully all my foot problems will disappear. Something about the sand is healing, maybe because my feet mold to it instead of hitting it hard like they do concrete/asphalt.

The whole family comes, so there are 27 of us! For the last 3 years, we've rented 2 houses, side-by-side. We take up a good chunk of the beach with all our umbrellas, chairs, and toys. 

The first time I went to a beach when I wasn't with the family, it felt so weird. Most beaches are much more crowded and you can't leave your umbrellas/chairs because there's no one left to watch them. When the Bup and I went to Bethany Beach for a weekend we had more fun by the pool than at the beach because we didn't feel so tied to our spot.

Look at that beach loving guy!

The Bup spent most of our beach time napping on his patio chair. I thought he was a little crazy for bringing it, but in the 10 milli-seconds that he got up, I hopped on. It was great! I might bring mine next year.

Mid-week semi tans. Apparently I should spend less time under the umbrella!

Bring on the last day of beach time! 


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