July 22, 2011

Campfires & S'mores

Two marshmallows on a stick over a roaring fire. This is summer. There's nothing better.

 Really, what's not to love about a really good s'more all toasty from the fire? Especially when the chocolate is dripping out the sides and you have to lick around it like an ice cream sandwich or else your pants and shoes are going to be covered in goo.

If the whole fire in your yard/patio creeps you out, try these! Jessica has a ton of s'more recipes, but that's the closest to the real thing. Remember this post, where half of the things on it were s'more related? Yeah, I must've been ready for summer.

I happen to like a good roaring fire, whether it's hot out or cold out. There's something addicting about the flames. They're mesmerizing to me.

Bonafide campfire in the middle of nature, compliments of the Bup and Dad, who made sure it stayed alive while we roasted and chatted.


Sometimes I like to go out of my house, onto my patio, and enjoy a fire there, too.

With coffee, because if it's hot outside and there's heat from the fire, I should warm my insides, too.

::drip:: as I sweat the evening away ::drip::

One of the keys to a perfect s'more is laying out your graham cracker and chocolate so that it starts to melt. The worst experience ever is having a piping hot marshmallow and putting it on a frozen chocolate bar. The marshmallow oozes out the sides before the chocolate has a chance to bond with it.

Okay, I still want to eat that. Maybe it's not actually the worst experience EVER...just not quite as perfect.

Enjoy one for me at your next campfire!

It's Friday! A perfect night to find a peaceful spot and relax by a fire with s'mores.


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