July 25, 2011

Crazy Sights

Haha. Perfect.

Mom in a cage with the garlic, asparagus and a dorky hat.

Is it still illegal to drink if you're on your own property driving a lawn tractor?

I guess it's okay if the tractor has a backup supply on the bumpers.

Creek crossing? Minus the creek...

Boots, buried underground for almost a century! They were made by Goodyear and patented in 1914. I'm surprised how well they held up. This makes me wonder what made the guy bury his boots. They're not in such bad shape for being ancient, so they couldn't have been that bad when he buried them. We thought maybe there was going to be a body, too.

The. Best. Water.  Especially refreshing in the middle of a long hike! You can tell who the goofball of the family is.

This is my crazy life. I love it.


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