July 20, 2011


This week began my attempt to celebrate for the remainder of summer.

There's so much to celebrate! I'm alive, it's sunny, I have a husband who loves me, we have a patio that begs for guests and a garden that's providing plenty for all!

It's interesting cooking for non-vegetarians. When I'm cooking for the Bup and I, I don't think twice about what to make, but when I'm cooking for others, suddenly the only foods I can think of are bean burgers, pasta, and pizza.

Or in one instance, ribboned asparagus salad. I'm surprised our guests came back after that meal! We were making cake balls and I was so focused on them that I didn't make much for dinner. All we had was a simple shaved asparagus salad. It was great, but horribly lacking in quantitiy. Thanks for coming back and letting me try again!

This week, we wanted to grill and hang out on the patio, so I decided on bean burgers (see, 1 of my 3 options), grilled veggies, cucumbers with dip, guacamole with blue chips, watermelon, drinks and s'mores.

There was a verrrrrry juicy watermelon involved. It was just dripping.

Who doesn't want to try this on a random Tuesday?

It wasn't quite what I expected it to be. Around the hole, it was so strong that I made faces when I bit into it, but everywhere else tasted like watermelon always does. Maybe it needed more time to soak in. I don't think I'll try it again, though. It would have been better to just puree the watermelon and make a slushie drink.

Smoky Pinto Bean Burgers, compliments of Mama Pea. Because every recipe of hers is delicious.

Zucchini and patty pan squash, compliments of our garden.

Campfire! Never the same without a huge bag of marshmallows.

What would you want to have if you were coming for dinner?


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