August 24, 2011

Nature as a Reason

When I read other blogs, I love learning about what makes the person tick. Everything from their thoughts on important topics to their reasons for becoming a blogger to their passions (other than food!) to why they chose to eat the way they do, it all interests me. I like getting to know them as a person. The Bup says I get a little too involved, but I truly enjoy connecting with people with similar interests, even if it is only through a blog. I learn something new every day!

So today I'm going to share something I care deeply about.


I want fresh air and nature's beauty to still exist decades from now. I love to be able to go into the woods and hear only the wind, the birds, and the scurrying of the chipmunks.

To look up and see a bright blue sky, framed with green, each leaf a unique shape that stands out but also blends into the whole picture.

To climb high and peer out over the tree tops from the edge of a cliff. To see woods and hills in the distance and imagine what's going on there.

To stand on the slippery rocks of a stream and inhale the fresh air, damp from the moss and foliage.

To see daisies everywhere I go, just littering the gardens and fields with their sunny faces.

And so I try my best and do all that I can to keep peace with nature.

Sheena captures my feelings in both photos and words. Check out her post on taking her family into nature! Her photography is amazing. I'd love to do this with my future children just like my parents did it with me.

Question:  Does nature make you relax?


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