August 11, 2011

Yoga Girl Challenge: Halfway Point


Ten days into my Yoga Challenge and I'm loving it and feeling great. It's been hard some days to fit it in (especially Friday!) but it's worth it. Even just a quick session helps me ease out some of the tension from the day.

  • Body by Bethenny - 15 min. - This ended up being more weight training than yoga, but it still left me feeling stretched out. 

  • Denise Austing Fat Blasting Yoga - 15 min. - One of my go-to quick yoga sessions, this was the first DVD I owned that introduced me to yoga. Denise got me hooked, and I come back to her every once in awhile.

  • Biggest Loser: Weight Loss Yoga - 5 min. warmup, 10 min. level 3, 20 min. level 1, 5 min. cooldown - The Bup joined me for this one. We love Bob & have done this one so often that we can quote him while he's telling us what to do. At one point he actually says, "Oh Bob... "

  • Annnnd my 3 day streak ended here. I had great plans to do a short session after we dug the potatoes to stretch out my back, but then the yellow jackets attacked and there was no doing anything unless it involved an ice pack.
  • - 20 min. Qi Yoga & 25 min. Shoulder Opener #1 - I stepped out of my dvd comfort zone and decided to try these free online downloads. They always intimidated me because they're audio only. Turns out my 3 years of video yoga served me well because I had no trouble following the instructions. I think a complete beginner would struggle a little, but they really explain what to do in detail.
  • - 25 min. Power Yoga #4 & 20 min. Solar Flow #1 - I liked the audio so much I tried it again. It's great to have variety instead of the same rotation of videos. This site has so much to offer! It's making me love yoga more, and challenging me to try new poses.
  • Denise Austin Yoga Body Burn - 10 min. Yoga Legs - I didn't have much time but still wanted to squeeze in some yoga! This is a quickie workout that still feels complete, despite the short length.

  • - 6 min. Let's Fly video - We had company for dinner & a campfire, so my day was packed. I took the time right before bed to stretch out with this super short online video. I think it would have continued if I paid or downloaded it, but as it was it stopped abruptly. I did a little downdog and child's pose to finish it off.
  • - 20 min. Power Yoga #5 - This one was just okay. It did help me release my tension from the day, but wasn't a fave. 
  • - 20 min. 9 min. Power Vinyasa Flow & 25 min. Yoga for Weight Loss #1 - I did not like the Power Vinyasa Flow at all. I stopped after 9 min. and went to the next one. The Yoga for Weight Loss was a long series of sun saluations, which was great for a morning workout. I don't do the weight loss yoga sessions for the purpose of losing weight, I just find that they are more up-tempo than some yoga, which I prefer.

Has anyone else been doing yoga with me? Any suggestions on some videos or audios that I should try?


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