October 2, 2012

Hawk Mountain

Here we are, ready for a great hike!

Because of work schedules, we couldn't do a full weekend camping trip, but we were able to meet up with our friends to go hiking for the day at Hawk Mountain.

It was a pretty hazy day, so we didn't see any hawks. We stopped at all the lookouts to check out the views anyway.

When we got to the highest lookout, there were tons of people sitting around on the rocks, talking about the hike up & eating granola bars. We walked through them & kept going onto the Skyline Trail. The sign wasn't kidding; there were plenty of rocks to climb. It was fun!

Down we went! I was really impressed with how well the trail was marked. The marks were placed closely enough on the rocks that we could follow them for the easier route down.

I'm getting there!

My view from the bottom up.

We stopped for a water break when we got to the River of Rocks. It's fascinating how in the middle of the forest there are just fields of rocks with nothing growing.  Later, we stopped at the next rock field to eat lunch. Grand total, it took about 3.5 hours to complete the hike. It was a fun one - I loved all the rock scrambling.

Afterwards, we headed to Long Trout Winery. I saw a sign for it on the drive up to Hawk Mountain, & since we finished hiking earlier than expected, we headed over.

It was an interesting place, that's for sure!

Very hippie...even the names of the wine were all about peace & love.

The bar was crazy!

We tasted a few wines, & decided to purchase a bottle of the Burnin' Bra, a peach chardonnay. The description? "The 60's were all about the freedom of choice - so choose wisely and set 'the girls' free." It was fruity without being super sweet, so we all enjoyed it. There was a nice patio to sit on that overlooked a very wooded frisbee golf course where we watched people play while we visited.

Afterwards, we headed to their campsite & started cooking dinner. We had spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce & vegetable foil packets in the fire. Of course, we finished it off with s'mores!

Sampling the noodles.

The fire was pretty smoky!

There we go!

My rock/chair. It was more comfortable than it looks. Sort of.

We stopped at Cabela's on the way home. That place is seriously overwhelming. We didn't purchase anything, but this was the stand out item was the Luggable Loo. Ew.

It was a fun day! We went home & headed right for bed.


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