October 16, 2012

Tink's Blessing

On Sunday afternoon, we took Tink to a Pet Blessing Ceremony at our church. We thought she'd look so cute with a bow on, but she didn't agree. This was the first one we tried, but the ribbon was so long that she immediately attacked it & undid the bow. After that, she wasn't letting any ribbons come around her neck, so we gave up after a few attempts.

She was really wound up. My dad gave her this climbing post & she's just loving it.

The Bup was playing with her ball & got her to stand on top of the post.

After that, though, she just sat & watched it, probably laughing at him for trying to get her to jump up again & thinking, "Daddy, I'm smarter than that!" Haha.

She doesn't mind the cat carrier & went right in when we threw a ball in. This pic was taken after we walked to the church. She was a little scared at that point because of hearing all the traffic & feeling so much movement from us carrying her & walking.

It was Tink & 5 dogs at the ceremony, so she was pretty content to snuggle in with the Bup & sit it out.

During the ceremony, our pastor came around to each pet & gave them a blessing. Tink hissed at her repeatedly! She did not like a stranger talking to her like that! But she made it through the blessing & settled back down quickly.

The pastor passed out doggie treats & Tink really liked the smell. She was licking it a lot, but couldn't get a bite out of it. We donated it to Tank, one of the dogs at the ceremony. He ate it up in one big bite.

It was fun taking her outside & visiting everyone & their pets. Congrats Tink! You are blessed!


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