April 24, 2013

Plants & Campfires

Our hens & chicks are looking beautiful! This is the first year that their purple hues have really come out. I love how they multiply each year. They remind me of warm weather.

When I was a kid, we had a small patch of them on a rock at our cabin. I thought they were my pets, so I'd water them when we were there. Now I have my own patch & it's at least 5 times the size. I don't water them at all & they are flourishing. Nature really knows what it's doing.

On Sunday night, we had our first cookout of the season! I can't wait to have more. We decided that now that we started, we have to have one every Sunday that we're home. I'm excited to try some new ideas for things to cook over the fire. It was pretty chilly, so we started early, before it got dark. Bup installed another patio light for when we have fires after dark. It's nice to sit by the fire in the dark, but when we're trying to assemble/cook food, it's tough without a light!

I'm super excited about our new fire pit. The old one finally rusted through the bottom, so we couldn't use it anymore. I think this new one is a little more durable. We're going to bring the insert inside between fires so that it doesn't get rusty as soon. This was also our first time using our mountain pie makers. We borrowed my parents' last year & they gave us these for Christmas. One is a double-wide...that's a lot of sandwich!

Bring on the campfires!!


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