April 16, 2013

Sprouts in the Garden

It's garden time again! I planted several types of seeds about 3 weeks ago & they're starting to sprout.

I'm super excited about all the blossoms on our nectarine tree (see above). They're pretty & they mean we'll have plenty of fruit. Last year, a lot of our nectarines were eaten by squirrels, so we're going to be proactive this year. Not sure how yet, though!

I planted about 4 rows each of yellow & red onions. They're showing their green & looking great. Only a handful haven't sprouted yet.

The rhubarb has taken off in the last week. The bulbs were slowing bursting with green & then BAM, full growth! (Ignore my finger in the pic...oops!)

This is the first potato that sprouted through the ground. I was so proud of myself for digging down to plant them deep, until the Bup reminded me that he & his brother had just added that compost, so it was nice & loose. :-) He usually does the digging, so he was still happy to have me do this part.

The snap peas are my favorite to watch grow. They start as little green stems popping out of the ground, & then they unfurl into mini-vines. They're really taking off, so soon we'll need to put in a fence for them to climb.

I tried planting mustard greens this year for the first time. They are doing well & soon I'll need to thin them out. I also planted spinach, mesclun greens, kale, swiss chard, & butter lettuce. Lots of little baby leaves are popping up.

Last up - broccoli! I tried starting some by seed inside last year, but it was too late, so when I planted them outside they died from the frost. This year, I planted a row outside right away & they're growing nicely. We'll see how they do as it gets hotter. Mom already claimed a few of the seedlings when I thin them out.

Inside, we started eggplant, purple basil, jalapenos, bell peppers, & tomatillos. The bell peppers never sprouted, but the rest are doing well. Our biggest problem now is trying to keep them away from Tink. She loves the dirt & playing among our plants, so right now we have them in a makeshift greenhouse by the side door. The warmth & moisture from being enclosed is making them grow like crazy, but soon they're going to outgrow the box. I don't know what we'll do then!

Have you planted anything yet? How is it doing?


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