September 22, 2011

Multi-Generational Blenders

The Vitamix is here! The Vitamix is here!

Sorry if you heard our excitement from miles away on Monday! I haven't been so excited for a kitchen appliance since receiving my KitchenAid for Christmas a few years ago. Thanks Mom & Dad for the great gift!

The first thing we made was salsa, like the stuff you get at Mexican restaurants. I used a recipe from the cookbook that came with it, but subbed fresh purple basil for the cilantro because that's what we had. Hence the purplish hue.

The Bup informed me that we have a multi-generational collection of blending/chopping appliances.
Hamilton Beach Hand Blender Delivers More Taste, Less Cleanup

Actually, this was on loan from my mom up until a few days ago when we bought her one so we could keep it. The sole purpose of this is blending soups or other stuff that's hot and in a pot. It's fun to watch the chunks get sucked into the whirlpool and come out smooth. (Yes, I'm weird!)
Bonus: it's super easy to clean. Rinse, wipe with soapy sponge, rinse, dry.

I use it for: soup
Mirro Foley 3.5-Quart Stainless Steel Food Mill

Another donation from Mom's kitchen, this spends most of the year stored away. When I do use it, though, I'm so thankful that it has a home in my kitchen! Anything that goes through it comes out perfectly pureed and free of all seeds, skins, & miscellaneous chunks. Plus I get a good arm workout turning the handle!

I use it for: tomato sauce, peach butter, applesauce
Bella Cucina 17-pc. Rocket Blender

This is super nice because the container is a cup so you can just blend, put on a lid, and go. I rarely use the multiple sizes, but maybe if I didn't have so stinkin' many other blenders, I would! :-)

I use it for: smoothies, lattes

Ninja Master Prep Professional Blender, Chopper and Ice Crusher More Powerful & 2x Faster

This thing is amazing. It works like a blender and a food processor. The only problem is that if you need to process something for a long time, you have to hold down the on button and then it starts to overheat. It also doesn't completely chop things, so green smoothies require extra blending and still aren't always perfectly smooth.

I use it for: hummus, banana soft serve, smoothies, pumpkin puree, cashew cream, cabbage slaw, Mmmm Sauce, dressing

TurboBlend VS

Eeeeeeeek!! This was our anniversary present from my parents. Super sweetness!

We've only owned it since Monday, but I made fresh salsa and cashew butter so far. I'm still learning how it works, so I'm taking it slowly. Smoothies are up next and I can't wait!!

I'm going to use it for: Everything under the sun!

KitchenAid 7-Cup Food Processor

I own this but it doesn't have all the parts so it only partially functions. Mine has a smaller bowl that fits into the large bowl, allowing me to process small portions of food. It works great that way, but I don't have the blade that lets me process in the big bowl. I rarely use it because the Ninja has bigger bowls. It would be great for nut butters if I could use the big bowl. But now I have a VitaMix! 

Anyone in the market for a small food processor??

If you'd like further reading on helpful appliances, check out this great article on appliances that make healthy eating easier. I really can't imagine not having at least a regular blender. I use at least 1 of these almost every day. Just yesterday I used my Ninja (grate cabbage) & VitaMix (cashew butter).

Moral of the story: Get a blender! It doubles your food options!

Note: Please don't ever make me move to a smaller kitchen. I have more kitchen appliances than I can handle! You just never know what you might need.

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