September 1, 2011

Baked Potato Chips

Before you all start to think I'm a complete health nut, let me clear things up.

The other night I went home from work and took a 2 hour long nap. Usually I get home and cook right away because I'm starving, but I was starting to get a cold and wanted to sleep more than eat. Weird.

Then when I did wake up, I didn't really want a real dinner. Not so weird. I'm really into snacks.

So we had 3 kinds of chips with a salad for dinner. Yum. If you have salad with anything, it makes a balanced meal, right? Okay, still a little weird.

Here's where the crazy weird part comes. I was sick, the Bup just got home from work, it was 7pm, we were starving, but did we grab some chip bags from the cupboard and sit down with the salad?

Nooooo...we made our own chips. Eggplant Chips. Kale Chips. Potato Chips.

It was nice and toasty in the kitchen by the time we were done with all that baking. I thought I might have a fever, but I checked and my temp was only 98.4. Maybe it wasn't the oven & that glass of wine on an empty stomach was the reason I felt hot.

We finally sat down for dinner around 8:40pm and it was one of the best dinners we've had in awhile!

Super crispy and thin.

For dessert, we made our own ice cream.

No, seriously, we did. Banana Soft Serve with some chocolate syrup, anyone?

Did I mention weird? But I don't care. I'm happy!

Baked Potato Chips
Serves 2

3 medium potatoes
olive oil cooking spray

Preheat oven to 375. Spray 2 baking sheets with cooking spray. Slice potatoes into VERY thin slices (it's best to use a mandoline). Lay potato slices in a single layer on baking sheets. Spray again (lightly) with cooking spray & season with salt and pepper. Bake for 10 minutes, flip, and bake another 10 minutes. If the slices are not quite crisp, return to oven for 2 minutes at a time. Watch closely as they will burn quickly.

For some other veggie ideas, check out She coincidentally just did a post on Crispy Baked Sweet Potato & Beet Chips. Double yum!


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