September 13, 2012

4 Years + a Kitten

Today we are celebrating our 4 year wedding anniversary! I couldn't ask for a more loving & supportive husband. We have had an amazing 4 years & I can't wait for all the adventures to come!

Last Saturday, we added a new member to our family - a kitten! Her name is Tink. Last night we weighed her: 1.2 pounds. She's super tiny, but I didn't know she was so light!

She's already spoiled rotten. We made her a little home in the kitchen for when we aren't around. It's wonderful to come home & have her waiting to greet us. She knows when we come down the hall & starts mewing. Then she attacks our feet. :-)

If you look closely in the picture, the whiskers on the left are white & the right are black. So cute!

It's so fun to see her exploring when we take her to different rooms of the house. For now, if I set her on the bed, sofa, etc., she'll stay there because the jump down looks very far. I'm sure that won't last long! I'm excited to watch her grow up!


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