September 6, 2012

Lunch at Prana Juice Bar & The Namaste Cafe

We headed up to the cabin on Friday for the long weekend. Since we were in no rush, we decided to stop in Bloomsburg, PA for a late lunch/early dinner. I looked online for interesting places to eat & found Prana Juice Bar & The Namaste Cafe. I was very excited to try it since they specialize in vegan & vegetarian foods.

As we walked up the stairs, we looked at their gardens. They have so much growing there!

Inside, everything was cozy & quaint. The room we ate in was decorated with painted flowers & vines. It felt very welcoming.

It looked like it might have once been a wine tasting room. The windows had grapes in the stained glass!

I loved their welcome sign: "Welcome to Prana. Here we support local organic farmers for a more sustainable future. Join the movement...Enjoy the moment!"

I got the Apple Almond Dijon salad. It had apples, cranberries, raw almonds, Dijon tempeh, mixed greens, sliced carrots, red onion & sunflower sprouts with almond Dijon dressing. On the side was a hearty piece of warmed whole grain bread. It was delicious! The tempeh was done to perfection.

It was a family run restaurant, & when the one boy came home, he headed into the kitchen for a snack. I was so excited because it was the first time I've ever heard someone (besides Bup & I) say, "Mmm! Can I eat some of this tempeh?" :-)

The Bup got the Bella Beautiful Sandwich. It was a marinated portabello mushrooms cooked & layered with roasted red peppers, spinach, & sauteed red onion with raw pine nuts on a sprouted grain bun. On the side were some grapes. We were a little surprised that wasn't bigger, especially compared to the size of my salad. He said it was a delicious sandwich, though! 

On the side, we split the Toasted Feta Spinach Bites: locally made Feta cheese with a hint of pepper spice & lemon, roasted to perfection in a warm spinach tortilla. Since his meal was smaller, I let him have the majority. I really liked the fresh lemon flavor with the spinach & feta.

We loved the food & the atmosphere of Prana. Next time we're passing through, we want to stop & try some of their other options!


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