September 20, 2012

Pizza Party!

We had a fun night last Friday visiting with my aunt. Since we only see her once a year, we always have a lot to catch up on! This time, we made pizzas on the grill while we talked. As usual, we had a lot of fun & a night full of laughter. After dinner, we walked to our house to visit Tink.

Starting the evening off with some bubbly.

Appetizer: Crispy provolone cheese, cooked on a skillet.

White wine from a fancy bottle

Toppers: sauce, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, spicy sauce, pesto, oregano

Assembly line ready to go

My pizza, loaded with broccoli

Mom's pizza

Aunt Beth's pizza

Back on the grill

Deep in grilling mode


Dinner is served!

Funny face


1 comment:

  1. Looks like yummy pizza! I'm so glad you've come around to making and EATING your own... I still remember those days when you prefered Roma's over your parents' homemade pizza! Silly girl!


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